Reemplado De Cadera

2 clínicas ofreciendo tratamiento Reemplado de Cadera en 3 paises
Reemplado De Cadera
I did a lot of research before coming to Mexico for such a major surgery. When I found Dr. Mendoza and read about his experience around the world with minimally invasive hip replacement, I felt fairly sure he was the surgeon I wanted for my procedure. I then made contact with his assistant, and from that point forward, I knew I had made the right decision. She and Dr. Mendoza are warm and friendly, as well as professional and quick to respond. After viewing my x-rays, Dr. Mendoza told me things about my hip, and why I had developed my problem, things my American doctors had never bothered to explain. My American doctors always treated me as if they didn't want to be bothered and were trying to get rid of me as soon as possible. My first visit with Dr. Mendoza lasted 45 minutes, and he treated me as if he had all day to spend, answering any questions I had. My hospital room was a beautiful suite, where my husband had a nice leather couch to sleep on. The nursing staff was very knowledgeable and prompt to respond if I needed anything. After leaving the hospital, I had a lot of pain on my first night, and Dr. Mendoza called my husband and prescribed a heavier medication. It says on his letterhead in Spanish "house calls"! I can't say enough good about my experience with Dr. Oscar Mendoza and his staff. Thank you, Dr. Mendoza!
September 2017
We were recommended to Dr. Mendoza by Dr. Torres in Mazatlan as a highly skilled and meticulous surgeon. I had waited in pain for close to 3years in Canada for treatment ; The surgery was completed 2 days after arriving in Guadalajara. The surgery was perfect and there were no significant pain levels. The follow up after surgery items ei. walker, ambulance trip back to our hotel, and daily visit by the physiotherapist were all organized by Dr. Mendoza's professional staff. This is medical care at its best and incredible value for the price. I see a golf course in my future.
December 2015
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Oscar Mendoza Helguera MD Verificado

Oscar Mendoza, clínica ortopédica es una de las clínicas mas estables de tratamiento de fisioterapia en Guadalajara. Ofrecen un alto nivel de atención médica y tecnología avanzada que le ha dado renombre en México y Norte américa.

Estambul, Turquía

0090 549 229 99 16 / 0090 549 229 99 38
I am 50 years old. at my country doctors told me you had to make knee replacement operation and it was make me feels terrible. Then I started to search about this operation. On internet I found visit and care web site and applied by sending my X-rays. at the same day they called me from Romoy and took my all complaint informations for evaluating. afetr one day they called again and gaves me all informations about surgery and it relieved me. I decided to come and make surgery. Know everythings well theres no any problems. Very thanks to ROMOY staf for them help and friendly relations. I will advise to all my family and friends to get medical treatment from them.
November 2017
Меня зовут Бегенч я из Туркменистана. В июне 2016 у среднего сына была травма колена. Повредил во время тренировки по футболу. Он у меня планирует заниматься им профессионально. Наши Ашкабадские врачи предложили оперировать но после нее сын пог бы позабыть о спорте. В итоге решили ехать в Турцию. Ромой подсказали нам родственники, которые были уже у них на лечении. После предварительной операции врач тоже пришел к мнению проведения оперции но в отличии колег из Туркменистана он обещал что операция (ортроскопия ) никак не повлияет на его будующую карьеру. Слово врачи сдержали. правда понадобилась двух месячная физиотерапия но результатом мы однозначно довольны. Бегенч Атамурадов
August 2016
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Centro de Salud ROMOY- Unidad Ortopedica Verificado

El equipo Ortopedico de ROMOY incluye enfermeras con dominio, medicos especializados, cuidado especial de enfermeras practicantes, asistentes de cirugia de expertos, y un personal ambularoria ortopedica que se dedica a proporcionar una experiencia suave SBD empatia para todos los pacientes ortopedicos fuera.

¿Que es el reemplazo de cadera?

La cirugía de remplazo de cadera es un procedimiento que puede ayudar a las personas con daños severos en una cadera y el dolor crónico de cadera. Las operaciones de remplazo de cadera tienen resultados exitosos en cuanto al estar libre de dolor. Las personas con prótesis de cadera puede caminar sin ayuda y hacer ejercicio ligero.

Un buen candidato para el reemplazo de cadera.

Los buenos candidatos para la cirugía de remplazo de cadera son las personas con osteoartritis severa, la artritis reumatoide u otras enfermedades, y también personas que tuvieron tratamientos menos invasivos, pero tuvieron éxito. Dependiendo de la edad del paciente y la severidad del dolor, el médico puede recomendar la terapia física y el uso de una muleta antes de recomendar una cirugía de remplazo de cadera.

Procedimiento para el reemplazo de cadera.

Durante la operación de prótesis de cadera, se hace una incisión en la cara externa de la cadera, 4-6 pulgadas abajo de la longitud de la pierna. El extremo superior del hueso del muslo se elimina; una bola unida a un vástago se coloca en ella. La cavidad de la cadera se ahueca para hacer una taza poco profunda y una toma de corriente artificial se coloca. La parte artificial del hueso del muslo entonces puede encajar en el zócalo. La prótesis se hace típicamente de cromo-cobalto y titanio.