Lifting De Cuello

14 clínicas ofreciendo tratamiento Lifting de cuello en 11 paises
Lifting De Cuello

Dr. Gustavo Chajchir - Cirujano Plástico en Argentina

La clínica del Dr. Gustavo es el arte de la cirugía plastia y ha sido estrictamente diseñada para su comodidad, su seguridad y su privacidad. La clínica cuenta con un Staff de expertos profesionales y cirujanos plásticos altamente calificados que ofrecen una atención personalizada y cálida que tiene como objetivo principal el tratamiento integral de los pacientes tanto locales como internacionales....

14 clínicas ofreciendo tratamiento Lifting de cuello en 11 paises

I had a good experience in the hospital. The staff took great care of me. Not all of the staff speaks English but there is some one there that dose.
March 2015
I was very pleased with the care and attention of the hospital staff and the physicians.
February 2015
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San Javier Hospital - Reveert Verificado

Los cirujanos, que además de ser esposos, han formado un equipo altamente entrenado en cirugía plástica y reconstructiva en Nueva York en el Hospital de Manhatan de Oído, Nariz y Garganta así como en la Universidad Duke, lo que ha atraído la atención de diversos pacientes Norteamericanos.

Cirugía Plástica BM Verificado

El Centro de cirugía plástica en Tijuana, Cirugía Plástica BM, nuestro objetivo principal es ayudar a nuestros pacientes a lograr resultados sobresalientes con la mejor experiencia en tratamientos estéticos. Los principales cirujanos cosméticos de México han establecido un alto estándar - atención especializada desde el inicio de los procedimientos. Convenientemente ubicado a 15 minutos del aeropuerto de San Diego, California, nuestro equipo de cirugía plástica en Tijuana centra su práctica e investigación en procedimientos sensibles de técnica médica avanzada. Nuestro riguroso criterio de selección garantiza que sólo los más experimentados médicos sean parte del equipo de Cirugía Plástica Bajamed.

This is my second trip to Cancun for plastic surgery with My Medical Vacations. This time I came for a breast lift and augmentation, and some liposuction. I’m very happy with the results Dr. Sámano has a great bedside manner, and was very understanding. Betty is one of the concierge staff and is still one of my favorite people on earth. Betty and Andres have made my second trip just as good as the first. Ana, my nurse checked on me every morning and did a great job with my aftercare, she is also amazing! I have recommended My Medical Vacations to all of my Friends and several people have booked in based on my experience. These guys are great I really can’t say enough good things about them!
March 2016
I had researched rhinoplasty and its associated costs extensively before contacting My Medical Vacations (MMV). I also had an acquaintance who has had several procedures done in Cancun using MMV. Katie, the coordinator; Betty my concierge and Ana my nurse have been by my side Throughout this procedure… they are truly amazing and dedicated people. If I were to need other procedures I would not hesitate using MMV services again and would highly recommend them to anyone. Rosellen Frisbee
March 2016
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My Medical Vacations Cirugía Plástica Verificado

Mis Vacaciones Médicas cirugía plástica es un proveedor líder de cirugía plástica en México, q tiene como objetivo ofrecer los más altos estándares de tratamientos estéticos y de servicios de turismo médico enNorte América.

Reveert's public relations personnel, Lori Payne, answered all my questions and concerns, arrange all my appointments as well as follow up very quickly to accommodate my schedule. Dr. Alejandro was very professional, extremely knowledgable and very personable. My results for the arm lift perfectly matched my vision. I received stellar service throughout the entire process, including hospital staff, and the entire process took minimal amount of time. I strongly recommend Reveert, Dr. Alejandro and the location of my hospital stay to anyone considering surgery
April 2016
Superb! Dr. Alejandro, Lori the coordinator, nurses and the entire staff were outstanding. They answered all questions professionally, clearly, patiently and promptly about the surgery and post-op expectations. They offered the latest approved surgical techniques. The follow-up care was excellent. Dr. Alejandro's credentials are sterling. The hospital is state-of-the art in Zapópan near Guadalajara. It can hold its own with the finest in any country. It is also aesthetically pleasing. Patient care is superb. I researched carefully, as you should, where to have my plastic surgery performed. REEVERT was an excellent choice all round. Do not fear coming to REVEERT in Guadalajara in any way. The city and the colonial gem, Tlaquepaque, nearby are safe, beautiful, filled with cultural activities and fine cuisine. The Mexican people are universally kind and cordial. I recommend that you stay fairly near to the hospital in any number of delightful places in Mexico should there be any minor glitches. Combining your healing process with a pleasant vacation will take your mind off things. Lori is a goldmine of information on what you might enjoy. Am I glad I chose REEVERT to get rid of my "turkey wattle?" Absolutely. The results look terrific.
April 2015
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Reveert Verificado

Reveert, cirugía plástica, combina la experiencia de sus altamente calificados cirujanos plásticos, ampliamente acreditados y unas excelentes instalaciones en el Hospital Puerta de Hierro.

Dr. Piccard-Ami gave me thorough information, as well as complete follow-up care. I, being a gastric-bypass patient, prior to coming to see him, as well as botched procedures prior, was relieved by my results following reconstructive breast augmentation and a tummy tuck to remove scarring from previous intestinal exploratory surgery and twice botched breast augmentation. I was relieved to find a competent and professional who has honed his craft. Dr. Piccard-Ami's work was cut out for him, as I was a difficult case, he confidently and skillfully restored my self confidence. My gratitude thus far is immesurable. You're the best doc, thank you so much! When, I have more money.... my thighs are next!!!
February 2016
Absolutely wonderful. I received nothing but the best of care not only from Dr. Picard-Ami but from his whole staff. I am totally happy with the results and all the care and attention I received before, during and after the surgery.
June 2014
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Instituto de Cirugía Plástica de Panamá Verificado

El Instituto de Cirugía Plástica de Panamá apunta a la provisión de la tecnología más sofisticada y soluciones para sus pacientes, y se compromete a ofrecer todas las opciones e información médica disponible.

¿Qué es el levantamiento de cuello (platismoplastia)?.

La platismoplastia, es el procedimiento de estiramiento de cuello que pretende eliminar el exceso de piel y grasa en esa zona. Cuando las personas envejecen, la piel de su cuello tiende a colgar. Este procedimiento se puede hacer solo, o acompañado de un estiramento de cara.

Un buen candidato para el levantamiento de cuello (platismoplastia).

Cualquier persona sana mayor de 40 años, que desee eliminar el exceso de piel en la zona del cuello debido a la edad o la pérdida de peso, es un buen candidato para un levantamiento de cuello.

El procedimiento del levantamiento de cuello (platismoplastía).

El primer paso, es una consulta detallada con su cirujano, que le explicará las diferentes opciones de tratamiento y combinaciones disponibles. Después de administrar la anestesia, una incisión se realizará bajo la barbilla o detrás de las orejas, donde la piel se levantará con suavidad.

Su cirujano le tenserá los músculos subyacentes de los tejidos blandos del cuello y eliminará cualquier exceso de piel y grasa por liposucción. La piel se rehubicará sobre el cuello y se cierran las incisiones con suturas absorbibles o removibles. Este procedimiento es ambulatorio, lo que significa que el paciente puede regresar a casa el mismo día.

Duración promedio de la cirugía de levantamiento de cuello: es de 2 a 3 horas

Cirugía Plástica Noticias