San Javier Hospital - Reveert

San Javier Hospital - Reveert

Sin importar lo que tenga usted en mente para su nueva imagen, el viajar por una cirugía plástica a Puerto Vallarta contribuirá a reflejar lo mejor de usted al poder disfrutar no solo de los mejores servicios sino de un destino excepcional.  La clínica Reveert Purto Vallarta ha sido cuidadosamente diseñada para ofrecer delicados cuidados e increíbles resultados....

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Transporte hacia y desde el aeropuerto, coordinación de hospedaje, traductor.


Asociación Mexicana Cirugia Plastica Estetica y Reconstructiva, la ISAPS, Federación Iberolatinoamericana de Cirugía Plástica

Evaluaciones de los Pacientes

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


I had a good experience in the hospital. The staff took great care of me. Not all of the staff speaks English but there is some one there that dose.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


I was very pleased with the care and attention of the hospital staff and the physicians.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


was wonderful

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San Javier Hospital - Reveert


I had a good experience in the hospital. The staff took great care of me. Not all of the staff speaks English but there is some one there that dose.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


I was very pleased with the care and attention of the hospital staff and the physicians.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


was wonderful

San Javier Hospital - Reveert

no screen name

The doctor, hospital experience and after care were excellent. I have no reservations about recommending this hospital. Very personalized care. Comfort and very attentive to all my needs.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert

John and Bill

Very good all the staff were very professional.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


From my consultation through post-OP I found the service excellent. The hospital staff was very helpful and made me very comfortable. Dr. Alejandro and my consultant Lori answered every question I had, pre and post OP. At almost 2 months post OP I can contact them with a concern and get an answer within a day. I have been recommending Dr. Alejandro and the San Javier Hospital to my friends and family who are interested in medical tourism. SO Happy :)

San Javier Hospital - Reveert

Dona Glosser

I had complications

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


Absolutely excellent, very pleased with results

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


Great experience from start to end. Lori the coordinator who is awesome by the way,arranged everything for me and answered all my crazy questions. She put me at ease right off the bat! Dr Nashielli and Dr Alejandro are nothing but the best. They know their stuff that's for sure! All they care about is YOU, and making you happy.They take their time in explaining everything, they give you options and great recomendations based on your body type. They don't pressure you, they make sure you get what you want. The hospital is just amazing, i couldn't believe it.It's almost like a spa! Very clean, organized and definately secure. I had a room with a view of the ocean, it was wicked!! The nurses are all great, I had one guy nurse and he was hilarious, just busting out with jokes all the time to make me laugh and feel comfortable. Over all it was a wonderful experience. If your considering Reveert,call them now you wont regret it. Cost, oh how can i forget... In Canada & USA for gel implants you're looking at about 10thousand dollars ATLEAST, I paid approx. $4000 for my augmentation (cohesive gel) at Reveert... saved about $6000 and got a vacation out of it!! Holla

San Javier Hospital - Reveert

Celia Eisenbud

Excellent Doctor

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


I travelled to this clinic by my self from Canada. Although you receive top treatment in north america my experience at this hospital was above and beyond. The procedure seemed a kitty scary , but had no pain and the treatment eas first class. I would highly recommend this clinic and the plastic surgeons. The staff and nurses were caring , respectful and provided first class service. It would seem that the management personnel of the hospital would also have to be recommended in making sure that first class service was provided . Having been hospitalized a few times over the years I would have to say that the staff were the most pleasant although very few nuses spoke good English. . All the doctors were fluent in the English language which made it more comforting.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


I was very impressed with the treatment I received. I will be making an appointment for sometime in November.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


I had surgery in this hospital and 3 weeks later I got an bug spray in my wound and had to go back to hospital for 4 days . It was very scared . Being new to Pureto Villarta and away from my family in Canada not knowing what could happen . However the doctors and staff in the hospital treated me with respect and care . I have no complaints . Everyone was wonderful.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


My experience was wonderful from start to fininsh. I couldnt have felt in better hands. Doctor was friendly and informative. He did a fabulous job! All my friends are blown away by his work.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert

Gina St Clair

Excellent care and very affordable.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


I loved the quality of care and the hospital. The doctors came into see me after the surgery and the next day. I had constant communication and when I was in pain from the opening of one of the drains, a nurse was sent over to look at it. I wwas connected with a nurse that came twice the first week to assist in showering and getting me back into the compreseion garment. The doctor drove from guadalajara to PV just to check up on me after 12 days. He then removed the drains. This could have been done by a doctor at San javier, but he graciously drove just to ck=heck up on me. I am very pleased with the surgery, all went well, and I am recovering.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


Great Experience.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


I was very happy to meet Dr Nashielli and was confident prior to surgery. The aftercare was very good and constant throughout the recovery period. The results are excellent.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert

Gina St Clair

I was treated with care and respect, the nursing staff was excellent. I was in a lot of pain.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


My treatment went very well. The doctor is very good and the surgery was totally successful and scheduled well. Doctor cares about me.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert


Fantastic experience. Very helpful support from Lori and great surgery team. Staff at the hospital was top class. I would highly recommend to any of my friends or family.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert

Russell Day, Canada

My Botox treatment was quick and efficient. The doctor was friendly and professional. As I had already had Botox in the past, I was comfortable with the procedure. Billing was quick and efficient. I would recommend Reveert highly and would use their services again. The procedure was a success!

San Javier Hospital - Reveert

Slyvia Correa, USA

For some time I toyed with the idea of cosmetic surgery to correct what I considered to be flaws resulting from the normal aging process, but the prohibitive cost associated with such surgery in the US made it impossible for this to be more than a dream. However, since I was to be in Mexico on other matters, I decide to look into the possibility of acting on that dream. I considered other practices, but the information available on the web about Reveert was impressive. The state-of- the-art technology used, the facilities at the Puerta de Hierro Medical Center with private rooms and new operating suites, all pointed to a complete commitment to patient safety. When I finally had my consultation, the very knowledgeable and personable medical team truly set me at ease, and all remaining fear turned into excitement about the possibilities open to me. Dr. Enriquez helped me feel good about making this decision to improve myself and gave me courage to go forward with the surgery. In addition to the impressive team of doctors, the staff was incredibly supportive. The patient consultant arranged the hotel, supplied information, facilitated my arrival and stay, and would have arranged my travel had I needed it. I cannot say too much about the staff: nurses, patient consultant, office manager, all were friendly, supportive, talented and very committed to providing exceptional care. The whole experience was so positive that now I wonder why it took me so long to go after my dream.

San Javier Hospital - Reveert
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