Transferencia De Embriones Congelados Por Ciclo Natural

12 clínicas ofreciendo tratamiento Transferencia de embriones congelados por ciclo natural en 7 paises
Transferencia De Embriones Congelados Por Ciclo Natural

Dr. Gustavo Chajchir - Cirujano Plástico en Argentina

La clínica del Dr. Gustavo es el arte de la cirugía plastia y ha sido estrictamente diseñada para su comodidad, su seguridad y su privacidad. La clínica cuenta con un Staff de expertos profesionales y cirujanos plásticos altamente calificados que ofrecen una atención personalizada y cálida que tiene como objetivo principal el tratamiento integral de los pacientes tanto locales como internacionales....

12 clínicas ofreciendo tratamiento Transferencia de embriones congelados por ciclo natural en 7 paises

WOW, Where do we start… My husband and I struggled with infertility issues for 5+ years. We had tried IUI for 4 months in our home state and sadly it never worked, in 2016 we decided to save and save some more to be able to afford IVF and a nice vacation for this process. Of course the first thing was to find the right place to travel to, and that’s when we came across this AMAZING CLINIC. LIV Fertility Center was our miracle path for us to start our family; first we researched the clinic, read reviews of people like us that went there chasing a dream just like we were. When we finally agreed to call and set up an appointment our first impression was beyond our expectations, Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores got on a call with us right away, we explained what we were dealing with and it was instant that we felt like they understood us, they both answered our questions and doubts, and provided us with all the information needed to start our Journey, honestly we didn’t look anymore after talking to these two great doctors. We scheduled our visit, I am so thankful for Alonso, he was able to handle all of our questions after scheduling our visit and he dealt with me time after time before our arrival to the clinic, every time I emailed him, his response was so fast, I was never worried about getting a hold of them. The day finally came and we were so excited and so nervous, but it all went so smoothly, we got so close to the people that we met at LIV, starting with the Doctors again, Dr. Stetson and Dr. Flores were so welcoming, I was lucky enough to start our stimulation shots that very same day of our visit, Our nurses were INCREDIBLE ELI and ANITA were such sweet ladies, Eli walked my husband through the procedure of taking the shots so that he could do them for me back at the hotel on the days we were not at the clinic, Both Eli and Anita always made me feel so comfortable, they were both so caring and gentle. Esther and Vanessa were also a great asset, coming into the clinic felt like family were there expecting us, these two girls make it so easy for you to come in and they welcome you with a smile each time, they would constantly ask how we were doing and feeling. Karlita which is the lab director would email us every day on the process of our embryos, every step at LIV was being followed with such care and priority, not once did I have to check in with them because they were keeping us update every time, Our Transfer was done by Dr. Velez and Dr. Stetson. I felt so comfortable both on the day of retrieval and day of transfer, I felt safe, and these Doctors did everything in their power to make us feel like this. My favorite part of all was Dr. Stetson being able to respond to my texts with any concern or question I had, this was throughout the process and after we came back home, this really made us feel so cared for, We cannot Thank Liv enough for the amazing help they provided us with. We strongly encourage anyone struggling with infertility to give them a chance to be part of your journey; I feel like God put them in our path, they are a bunch of professionals that felt like a family, Wish we could give them more then 5 stars on this review. We just got our first positive blood test, so THANK YOU LIV, THANK YOU for helping our dream come to a reality. With Love... Lizeth & Ivan ♡
March 2017
When my husband and I started researching clinics we were mostly looking at data: success rates, costs, staff experience, etc. The LIV Clinic has all of those things, but they also have a staff that makes you feel like family. The hospitality and genuine concern of the entire staff is invaluable. Knowing they are there to help every step of the way makes the journey much easier. What we discovered was that the measurable things were what made all the difference. Thank you LIV for our wonderful experience, we are blessed to have found you. You have forever changed our lives for the better.
March 2017
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Centro de Fertilidad LIV Verificado

Para ponerse en contacto con nuestro equipo, por favor llame A LIV al: Inglés 1 (855) -534-5340 | +1 Español (855) -534-5342 | 52 local (322) -297-2077 , nuestros especialistas en fertilidad son algunos de los más reconocidos expertos en la materia. Nuestro centro promueve un enfoque de trabajo en equipo para el tratamiento de fertilidad. Confiamos en nuestros múltiples y complementarias disciplinas médicas que le llevarán en su viaje hacia el éxito, un embarazo. Nuestro objetivo es proporcionarle tratamientos de fertilidad asequibles y seguros en México, que le ahorre casi un 50 por ciento en comparación con Estados Unidos y Canadá. Tanto dentro como fuera de nuestra clínica, LIV le da la confianza para explorar y disfrutar de una íntima e única experiencia.

I can't recommend Imer Reproduccion Humana enough. For the past three years my wife and I have been trying to have a child to no avail. Needless to say, without fertility treatments our chances of having a child were slim. On the US side the prices for fertility were more than I could afford. After further research I found Imer fertility center in Tijuana. From the very beginning the staff was very professional, explaining in detail the process my wife and I would go through. After setting up an initial appointment I saw the fertility center and met the staff. I was pleased to see how clean the facility is and how courteous the people are, especially our Dr. Sandra Y. Orendain who could communicate in English and Spanish and genuinely seemed to love her job and helping couples. Once we had ample information, my wife and I proceeded with treatment. From the moment treatment began patience was a requirement. Fertility treatments greatly increased our odds to conceive but it wasn't 100% guaranteed. The facility center is in Tijuana which meant going back and forth from the US to Mexico over and over. Everything tack together would get stressful which is where patience and resolve come in but my wife an I were determined to see it through After the fertility treatments were over, we were thrilled beyond belief to hear my wife was pregnant. I can't describe how happy we were to see our baby for the first time in the ultrasound. My life now consist of cleaning 6 dirty diapers minimum a day, sleeping 2 to 6 hours a night and I couldn't be happier. We have a beautiful baby boy and I can't thank Dr Sandra and her staff enough for our little miracle. I highly recommend to anyone having difficulty conceiving children to set up a consultation and see for yourself. You'll be thankful you did in 9 months. With Love and endless thanks
May 2016
IMER Reproduccion Humana is a clinic who really cares and helps you achieve your dream of becoming parents. Dr. Sandra Orendain is a wonderful Doctor, she is very professional, caring, and really cares about her patients needs and concerns. From the first time I went to the clinic I felt comfortable the staff was very kind and caring. Gisela who is the clinics coordinator was so wonderful from day one, I kept in contact with her through out my whole IVF process and she never left a questioned that I had unanswered she was very helpful! My IVF journey with IMER clinic was a first time success thank you to Dr. Sandra Orendain for making our dreams come true of becoming parents and the staff who helped me and my husband thank you so much because of you we were blessed with baby twins.
October 2015
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Clinica de Infertilidad Tijuana Verificado

La Clínica de Infertilidad Tijuana está integrada por un equipo médico altamente calificado de especialistas en la FIV y en el estudio, diagnóstico y tratamiento de los diferentes problemas de infertilidad tanto de factor masculino como de factor femenino.

If you are concerned about traveling out of the country to receive treatment as I initially was do not hesitate. It could not have been an easier, stress-free experience. Prior to booking the trip and making the final commitment Irega's patient coordinator Tori Brown spent an extensive time answering my many questions and providing information about my procedure consulting with the doctor along the way. I had all testing and medications done with my doctor at home before travelling to Cancun for a 10 day trip. We stayed in the Hotel Zone and the clinic/hospital was a short easy 10 minute ride from our hotel. The hospital the clinic was attached to was nicer, spotless and more modern than some in the states. We had such a fabulous time in Mexico so much so we kept "forgetting" we were even there for treatment at times. Cancun/Mexico is a beautiful country and an ideal spot to visit. My treatment only required two fairly short visits to the clinic which gave us plenty of time to enjoy Mexico with our young son. You may need to spend more time but I had already gotten every bit of information about my procedure prior to arrival so there were not many things to really ask the doctor once I got there. My husband had to visit once to do "his part" so again we had most of our time to relax and enjoy all the fun activities available prior to my transfer. I was also able to buy all of my post transfer medications there at a discounted price, it was very convenient. I had a 3 day transfer after fertilization and flew home two days after the transfer. Less than a week being home and I tested positive for pregnancy! I followed up as per Irega and had beta blood tests to confirm. They also provided me with a protocol of my medications to follow during my first trimester after my positive blood results. At my eight week ultrasound I discovered I am indeed pregnant with twins with strong heartbeats! Would recommend Irega to anyone without hesitation. Things were so easy and simple, and you cannot compare the cost to USA treatment, they seem to be just as experienced and successful as overpriced US clinics plus you get to have an amazing relaxing vacation in an ideal location!
December 2016
Me and my wife came to IREGA twice (Oct 2014 and Mar 2016). Both times we had successful IVF's: first time my wife miscarried after 6 weeks of pregnancy, however, second time it all went very well and she just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Our overall experience at IREGA was very positive. Staff was friendly and they patiently answered all of our questions that we had plenty of. All communication was done through Tori Brown. She promptly replied to all our emails and helped us through the process when we were down in Cancun. Doing IVF at IREGA was $3000 cheaper than that in Canada and we also spent 3 weeks in beautiful Cancun, which made this otherwise stressful medical procedure more enjoyable. Would definitely recommend IREGA to others. Thanks for making our dream come true!
December 2016
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Irega Cancún Verificado

Irega Cancún, es el hogar de un equipo de profesionales expertos en el cuidado de la fertilidad, apasionados por hacer de sus sueños una realidad al tener un bebé y se lo garantizamos con nuestro programa comprobado de FIV.

A terrible experience. We didn´t investigate them before going there. After a legal battle we got our money back. Be very careful !.
November 2012
It was extremely sad for me and my wife.This is because the whole thing failed after spending a fortune.It was a big moment of emotional challenge for us.However we are planning to give it a second shot but i wonder if i would get any kind of discount
August 2012
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FIV Panamá Verificado

Nuestras puertas están abiertas para ofrecer un servicio excelente a nuestros pacientes de FIV en conjunto con los más altos niveles de calidad internacional con Panamá FIV.

May 2014
Had a great experience the whole staff is very nice and carrying and ery professional. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
October 2013
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Centro Colombiano de Fertilidad Verificado

El Centro Colombiano de Fertilidad y Esterilidad (CECOLFES), reconocido a nivel mundial , ofrece a las parejas la oportunidad de identificar y resolver los problemas en tener hijos.

¿Que es el ciclo de la transferencia de embriones congelados?

El ciclo de transferencia de embriones congelados se refiere al proceso de criopreservación de embriones y su transferencia al útero de una mujer que ha sido preparado para la FIV.

¿Qué es la congelación de embriones?

El procedimiento de FIV convencional, que utiliza medicamentos para la fertilidad y poder estimular la ovulación, a menudo resulta con exceso de embriones. Dado que aumenta el riesgo de embarazos múltiples con el número de embriones transferidos, muchas parejas se quedan con más embriones de los necesarios y pueden ser transferidos según la ley de algunos países. En algunos países, como el Reino Unido, el número máximo de embriones que pueden transferirse es de tres. Estos embriones sobrantes pueden ser descartados, por lo que se utilizan para la investigación, o pueden ser congelados y criopreservados para su uso posterior por la misma pareja o de otra pareja que desee utilizar un embrión donado.

Las ventajas del ciclo natural de la FIV:

No hay medicamentos para la fertilidad se utilizan para la estimulación ovárica, lo que reduce el riesgo de efectos secundarios tales como síndrome de hiperestimulación ovárica (OHSS por sus siglas en inglés).
El tratamiento natural del ciclo de FIV se puede repetir en meses consecutivos. Las mujeres que tienen un tratamiento exitoso con la FIV tradicional deben de esperar tres meses antes de intentar un segundo ciclo. El ciclo natural de la FIV es menos costoso para las parejas ya que no pagan por medicamentos para la fertilidad.

Desventajas de la FIV Ciclos Naturales:

Sólo un óvulo es fertilizado, reduciendo la posibilidad de una fertilización exitosa. Las tasas de éxito son menos que cuando se administran medicamentos para la fertilidad en el tratamiento de FIV.

Un buen candidato para el ciclo de la transferencia de embriones congelados.

La mujer que está en riesgo de desarrollar síndrome de hiperestimulación ovárica, después de la estimulación ovárica para el tratamiento de FIV; se les aconseja congelar sus embriones para transferencias consecutivas. En algunos casos, la transferencia de embriones "recién formados" falla, y los embriones "sobrantes" pueden ser criopreservados para un segundo o tercer intento. Los embriones criopreservados están disponibles para su donación a parejas infértiles. De hecho, algunos países exigen que todos los embriones resultantes de óvulos donados sean criopreservados y puestos en cuarentena por un período de seis meses hasta que todas las pruebas para examinar a los donantes se hayan completado.

Los embriones congelados son tan  útiles como los embriones recien formados, lo que significa que las tasas de embarazo están en un nivel igualmente alto. No hay mayor riesgo de anomalías en los embriones congelados que los recién formados; por lo tanto, los pacientes a menudo se anima por la más rentable ruta de congelar sus embriones, en lugar de tirarlos a la basura. Esto también garantiza el caso de que la primera transferencia de embriones falle, o el embarazo no se logre. Uso de embriones congelados, que pueden ser almacenados hasta por varios años, es una alternativa mucho menos costosa de iniciar un nuevo tratamiento.

El procedimiento del ciclo de la transferencia de embriones congelados.

Los embriones se pueden almacenar en grupos de uno o más. Como cualquier tejido vivo, las células de embriones contienen agua, que debe ser eliminada antes de la congelación para prevenir la formación de cristales de hielo provocando que los embriones revienten. Los embriones son gradualmente mezclados con un líquido crioprotector que no forma cristales de hielo, y situado en una paja de plástico o de un frasco pequeño de vidrio. La mezcla se almacena con nitrógeno líquido a una temperatura muy baja, usando una máquina programable y especializada.La temperatura es crucial, ya que los embriones están sujetos a un cambio metabólico.

¿Cómo son descongelados los embriones?

Durante el proceso de descongelación, los embriones congelados se retiran del frasco de crsital y son descongelados a temperatura ambiente. El fluido crioprotector se retira gradualmente y se diluye con agua. Este proceso debe hacerse con mucha supervisión, ya que el embrión puede estallar si el agua se precipitó en las células. Después de que los embriones son llevados a un cuarto a temperatura ambiente, pueden ser transferidos a la madre receptora.