Lifting De Muslos en Panama

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IMPILO PLASTIC SURGERY AND MEDICAL SPA apunta a la provisión de la tecnología más sofisticada y soluciones para sus pacientes, y se compromete a ofrecer todas las opciones e información médica disponible.

My experience at IMPILO Plastic Surgery and Spa (in Panama City, Panama) far exceed my expectations. I first met Dr Luis A. Picard Ami in 2009 when he did a superb job on my breast reduction. Dr Picard-Ami is licensed to practice in USA and Panama, is fluent in English and Spanish, very accessible, down-to-earth, patient and so easy to communicate with. He promptly answered all my questions by e-mail and I mean ALL of my questions, including medical, logistical, covid and general. I was so impressed with his hospitality, professionalism, as well as my new beautiful breasts, I decided to return again in 2022 for a couple more procedures. I decided not to fear international travel as Covid is becoming more endemic and I am fully vaccinated. Another incentive was that the total cost of surgery, airfare and hotel, combined, was far less than I would have spent in the USA plus I was getting primo customer service. Additionally you can pay for everything in US dollars or with credit card. IMPILO Plastic surgery took care of coordinating all of my logistics from answering my pre-departure questions, meeting me upon arrival in Panama to checking into the hotel, getting my lab tests, to surgery and back again to my hotel room. I was traveling alone and was so happy when Dr Picard-Ami sent a nurse to see me in my hotel room to help with showering and dressing changes. I also had constant communications with everyone in IMPILO clinic, including the doctor, via WhatsApp, email and on my phone via Wi-Fi calling. The doctors, clinic, hospital and spa staff were all very approachable, kind, courteous, competent and professional while also very personable and welcoming. Most of the staff, I encountered, were bilingual too. The view from the doctor’s office was incredible as was the panorama from the hotel pool area. The whole complex was pretty chilly so don’t forget your cozy sweat suit and fuzzy socks! Fortunately, the hotel can reset your room temperature controls as you need. The free breakfasts were awesome with enough variety to tide you over for the entire day if you don’t feel like going out. The rooms were well equipped for cooking and comfort. The hotel, clinic, hospital and doctors’ office were very modern, clean and connected with the shopping mall, grocery store, pharmacy and everything you could need without even stepping outside. I had several different procedures during a 3 week period of time and am very pleased with Dr. L. Picard-Ami’s surgical skill, felt well cared for, safe comfortable and secure. I almost hated to return home! Mary, Florida USA
January 2022
My breast implantation surgery was performed by Dr. Luis Picard-Ami Jr at the Panama Clinic. Process was fully explained in pre- surgery telephone consultations and in face to face consultation at the clinic. Dr. Luis Picard-Ami's expertise and experience as well as his approachable interpersonal skills, not only assisted me in choosing best option for me but also made me at ease throughout the whole process. His clinic is staffed with friendly and helpful personnel always ready to assist with anything you may need starting from beverage to booking hotel room and getting post op bra. Truly VIP experience
December 2020
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¿Qué es un estiramiento de muslos?

El objetivo de un estiramiento de muslos (musloplastia) es el procedimiento para mejorar el contorno de los muslos para levantar y quitar el exceso de piel y, ocasionalmente, la grasa que ha perdido su elasticidad debido a la edad o la variación en el peso. La liposucción puede ser utilizado en conjunto con este procedimiento.

Un buen candidato para estiramiento de muslos.

Los buenos candidatos para la cirugía de un estiramiento de muslos son individuos sanos y no fumadores. El requisito de edad mínima para este tipo de cirugía es de 18 años de edad.

El procedimiento de levantamiento de muslos.

El primer paso es una consulta detallada con su cirujano que verá con usted el mejor método (s) que se utilizará para lograr los resultados deseados. Después de que el paciente ha experimentado la anestesia, las incisiones pueden hacerse en uno de tres lugares diferentes, dependiendo de qué zona de los muslos se deben concentrar. Las incisiones se pueden hacer en el interior de los muslos justo por debajo de la zona púbica para aquellos que necesitan eliminar grasa o remover piel de la parte interna del muslo.

Una cierta cantidad de piel y grasa se elimina de la parte interna del muslo y se tensiona, para mejorar el contorno natural de la pierna. Otro tipo de incisión es la incisión bilateral. Éste método se utiliza normalmente para aquellos que han perdido una cantidad significativa de peso, y tienen grandes cantidades de piel en la parte frontal y exterior de sus muslos.

El último método se denomina la media incisión. Durante este procedimiento, se hace una incisión en la ingle hasta el fondo en el glúteo, lo que permite el acceso atodo el muslo superior, donde el exceso de piel y la grasa deben ser retiradas. Después de las incisiones realizadas, el exceso de piel y pequeñas porciones degrasa son eliminadas.

Las incisiones se cierran con suturas absorbibles o removibles, en cuyo caso puede ser necesario que el paciente regrese al hospital para una visita de seguimiento y que le quiten los puntos. Este procedimiento puede ser ambulatorio u hospitalario. Su cirujano determinará la duración de su estancia en el hospital después del procedimiento.

La duración promedio de la cirugía: 2 a 4 horas.