Donacion De Ovulos Fiv en Mexico

3 clínicas ofreciendo tratamiento Donación de óvulos FIV en México
Centro de Fertilidad LIV Verificado

Para ponerse en contacto con nuestro equipo, por favor llame A LIV al: Inglés 1 (855) -534-5340 | +1 Español (855) -534-5342 | 52 local (322) -297-2077, nuestros especialistas en fertilidad son algunos de los más reconocidos expertos en la materia. Nuestro centro promueve un enfoque de trabajo en equipo en la lucha en contra de la infertilidad. Confiamos en nuestros múltiples y complementarias disciplinas médicas que le llevarán directo hacia el éxito, un embarazo. Nuestro objetivo es proporcionarle tratamientos de fertilidad accesibles y seguros en México, que le ahorren casi un 50 por ciento en comparación con Estados Unidos y Canadá. Tanto dentro como fuera de nuestra clínica, LIV le da la confianza para explorar y disfrutar de una íntima y única experiencia.

We had an amazing experience here and were well taken care of. This is an amazing team and group of people here. They make you feel like family. It's not just that they know you by name when you walk in the door, or your medical history, they know you personally. Doing fertility treatments treatments is not for the faint of heart. This is quite the journey. These group of people, the doctors, the nurses, the medical staff, billing, reception, therapists, all of them, are kind, caring, and compassionate. We read the reviews before we went there and saw how great their services were from other people. We also noticed their high success rates. Well now that we have had the chance to see it first hand we are happy we chose them. We now have 6 embyro's waiting for us for implantation. We are looking forward to coming back for implantation. Thanks so much team! We look forward to coming back in July/August. :)
June 2019
My husband and I got married late in our age. I was 36 years old and he was 49 we both did not have any children from previous relationships. We had tried IVF in California, USA that was not successful and very financially draining and caused us financial hardship. Due to my age and with one ovary the cost for medication was outrageous. We had to wait a couple years to save for another try. We searched the internet and came across There were several options that they sent to us but staff that we spoke with at LIV was very genuine and helpful. Why we selected LIV fertility clinic Dr. Stetson was very patient with us and took the time to explain the positives and the negatives about our journey. Alonso was our coordinator and was always available by email or phone. He had a great personality and put us at ease if we had any type of concerns. Overall I give LIV Fertility Clinic five stars for top tier medical advice, timely treatment, professionalism and most importantly, for delivering results. Thank you to science and love we had 2 beautiful twins (boy, girl). First impressions: the front staff of the office is warm and inviting. They were very professional and courteous. Medical care/advice: My medical team was very responsive. They went above and beyond to address all of my concerns during treatment. Karla the embryologist gave us daily updates on our embryos. Cost: The investment of time, emotion and taxation on my body was worth every penny. They were affordable for our budget. Now that I am 47 and my husband is 60 we can relax and give our full attention to our little ones that we cherish so much. Thank you Dr. Steton, Dr. Perez and LIV staff.
February 2018
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Clinica de Infertilidad Tijuana Verificado

La Clínica de Infertilidad Tijuana está integrada por un equipo médico altamente calificado de especialistas en la FIV y en el estudio, diagnóstico y tratamiento de los diferentes problemas de infertilidad tanto de factor masculino como de factor femenino.

Due to my problems with ectopic pregnancy and having one fallopian tube left that was blocked, my only option to conceive a child was through IVF only. I was losing hope and after my first consultation with Dr. Amezquita it gave me a positive feeling that I will have success in conceiving a child. My husband and I can’t afford to go with the process of IVF in San Diego, CA so I researched a lot of clinics and hospital in Mexico to find out who could help us. Then I found Tijuana Fertility Clinic and from the initial conversation that I had with Gisela (Office Coordinator) by email, she was well-detailed with the pricing and the process of the IVF. She was always quick in responding to all my questions because I worry with my body a lot of times. They gave us a positive response from the very first conversation that’s what made us decide to choose this clinic. From the clinic staffs, clinic cleanliness through the caring doctor and the caring nurses, we have no regrets go to this clinic to conceive our first child! I’m currently 7 weeks! Dr. Amezquita spoke fluent in English and was very knowledgeable when it comes to women reproductive system. He knows more than I do when it comes to women anatomy. Very impressive doctor! The front desk was also very nice and always smiling when we arrive to our appointment. And if we had trouble crossing the border because of traffic, we call the clinic and they were always flexible and understanding since we were traveling from San Diego. We highly recommend for women who are seeking to do an IVF. We love this clinic and we will go back for our 2nd child later! Thank you to Dr. Amezquita and whole staff for helping us conceive our first baby!
October 2019
I can't recommend Imer Reproduccion Humana enough. For the past three years my wife and I have been trying to have a child to no avail. Needless to say, without fertility treatments our chances of having a child were slim. On the US side the prices for fertility were more than I could afford. After further research I found Imer fertility center in Tijuana. From the very beginning the staff was very professional, explaining in detail the process my wife and I would go through. After setting up an initial appointment I saw the fertility center and met the staff. I was pleased to see how clean the facility is and how courteous the people are, especially our Dr. Sandra Y. Orendain who could communicate in English and Spanish and genuinely seemed to love her job and helping couples. Once we had ample information, my wife and I proceeded with treatment. From the moment treatment began patience was a requirement. Fertility treatments greatly increased our odds to conceive but it wasn't 100% guaranteed. The facility center is in Tijuana which meant going back and forth from the US to Mexico over and over. Everything tack together would get stressful which is where patience and resolve come in but my wife an I were determined to see it through After the fertility treatments were over, we were thrilled beyond belief to hear my wife was pregnant. I can't describe how happy we were to see our baby for the first time in the ultrasound. My life now consist of cleaning 6 dirty diapers minimum a day, sleeping 2 to 6 hours a night and I couldn't be happier. We have a beautiful baby boy and I can't thank Dr Sandra and her staff enough for our little miracle. I highly recommend to anyone having difficulty conceiving children to set up a consultation and see for yourself. You'll be thankful you did in 9 months. With Love and endless thanks
May 2016
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Centro de Fertilidad Avanzada de Cancún Verificado

El AFCC (Centro Avanzado de Fertilidad de Cancún) es el centro de reproducción y fertilidad de mayor nivel en el sureste de México. Nuestros tratamientos de bajo costo de FIV en Cancún logran más del 90 por ciento de éxito. En AFCC, nuestros expertos especialistas en fertilidad se aseguran de que cada individuo y pareja pueda lograr el sueño de tener un hijo.

La donación de Óvulos en México

Un donante de óvulos idóneo, es seleccionado por la pareja infértil y examinado en busca de enfermedades infecciosas y los trastornos genéticamente transmisibles. Los donantes reciben una compensación por prestarse al tratamiento. Los donantes pueden ser conocidos o ser anónimos para la pareja receptora.

Los donantes son bien evaluados y seleccionados minuciosamente con las mismas características físicas como el color de la piel, color de ojos y otros atributos.

Las clínicas de FIV con donación de óvulos en México no ofrecen condiciones de espera. Esto da a los pacientes la oportunidad de programar su tratamiento cuando sea más conveniente para ellos.

Los óvulos donados son fecundados con el esperma a través del proceso de la ICSI (Inyección intracitoplasmática de espermatozoides, por sus siglas en inglés) y luego son trasplantados dentro del útero de la paciente receptora mediante la FIV.

El sistema de salud en México se ubica como una Organización Médica Mundial de la Sallud de primera clase, proveedor de médicos y centro de fertilidad en potencia.

Los especialistas de la FIV en México peculiarisan su éxito en el tratamiento de donación de óvulos a las tecnologías pioneras y avanzadas.

Los futuros padres que eligen la donación de óvulos en México recibirán un trato excepcional y superior, combinado con unas vacaciones prodigiosas.

Lugares para vistar en México

Desde las antiguas ruinas mayas, playas encantadoras, las brillantes costas y de gastronomía seductora y los bajos costos de viaje, México es un privilegiado lugar para visitar.

Puerto Vallarta ofrece una riqueza en actividades establecidas en un marco pintoresco. Isla Mujeres, es una pequeña isla de cálido sitio internacional resultante de su encanto trascendental y atmósfera relajada.

Cozumel confirma un derroche en los deportes, como: buceo, kayak, surf y buceo.

El destino más asombroso del mundo que abarca la salud y el bienestar de la mente, cuerpo y espíritu le espera en México en el Rancho La Puerta. El Resort le ofrece una cocina nutritiva, instalaciones de spa de lujo, entretenimiento para dar rienda suelta a sus deseos más íntimos.

Los costos de la Donación de Óvulos en México

El costo de la FIV con donación de óvulos en México, es significativamente menor que los Estados Unidos y Europa, debido a una estructura rentable en los recursos de la salud en México.

México Mágnifico le ofrece las vacaciones de sus sueños, dentro de un saludable proceso en el tratamiento de la donación de óvulos. La FIV en México es una elección perspicaz y de alta calidad en fertilidad para el turista.

La Donación de Óvulos en México ofrece una oportunidad en los tratamientos y procesos de fertilidad superior, por una fracción del costo que gastaría en los Estados Unidos y otras naciones desarrolladas.